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Amber Information

Amber is available in a wide array of colors, the most popular ranging from yellow to orange, mimicking the color of honey touched by the setting sun. Other less common colors include red, green, blue, violet and black. Ranging from transparent to opaque.


Common Uses For Amber

Amber has varied uses and relevance to a number of areas such as:

  • Science: Geologists and paleontologists find use in amber because it presents proof of prehistoric life in the form of fossils, and amber has been proven to be in existence during prehistoric times. Since ancient insects get trapped in amber, botanists and entomologists find use for this special mineral.
  • Art: writers find amber a good source of inspiration for their varied works. Jewelers and gemologists find this mineral a valuable piece of stone for its unique characteristics and beauty. Amber has been used and incorporated into bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, brooches, cuff-links, rings, and even teething rings for the children.
  • Magic: some believe that amber has magical powers especially the green and red varieties. It can also be used an amulet or charm, which could repel evils. Some claim it can even provide protection against poisons.

Amber Folklore

Amber jewelry is said to help one be happier. The cheery yellow stone is believed to lighten the burdens of life. Healers say that amber activates our altruistic nature and helps us to realize the full power of our spiritual intellect.


Amethyst has a vibrant purple color that is unique from any other gem stone. It is sometimes called a violet gemstone. It is thought to protect the bearer from possible seduction. For so many years, amethyst served as the most popular representative of the quartz gem family. Moses described this gem as the "Spirit of God", which is why it is mostly seen in the robes of High Priests and Empresses. It is often thought of as a royal stone. Amethyst is one of the top picks of women because of its simpleness and beauty.


The word Amethyst comes from the Greek word "amethystos" meaning "remedy against drunkenness". Much of the folklore on Amethyst is a result of this meaning. It implies that when you wear amethyst, you are allowing positive vibrations into your life. It is thought that it may help you control your emotions.

The origin of amethyst comes from the Greeks. Dionysus, the god of intoxication, was angered one day by an insult from a mortal and swore revenge on the next mortal he encountered. After, creating tigers to carry out his wish, unsuspecting Amethyst, a beautiful young maiden on her way to pay tribute to the goddess Diana appeared. But Diana turned Amethyst into a stature of pure crystalline quartz to protect her from Dionysus' tigers. At the sight of the beautiful statue, Dionysus is said to have wept tears of wine, staining the quartz purple and creating the gem amethyst. The pinkish lavender shade is called "Rose de France". It must be purple to be an amethyst.

Fine examples of lovely amethyst stones are featured in the British Crown Jewels and they were also a favorite of Catherine the Great, as well as Egyptian royalty, it is believed that the tears of the gods had stained the Quartz purple and created the Gemstone we know today.

It is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Put an amethyst under your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams, or rub it across your forehead to offer relief from a headache.

The healing power of the stone is said to be good for addictions, helping with arthritis, headaches, blood sugar levels, brain imbalances and a remedy for stomach disorders.

                                               Citrine ( Golden Topaz )                            

Citrine, is the most valuable gem of quartz family. It is also commonly dubbed as a gold topaz. Over the years, citrine has taken over topaz in both its name and use.


Citrine Information

Citrine name is derived from its color, it is commonly found in yellow color beads. In an old French word "Citrin" means yellow and the stone is found in lemon yellow color.

Citrine could last forever if proper care is taken in a right way. It should be protected from possible scratch situations. It is very important that the citrine is not left in the sun or any such situations, like sunbathing where it is exposed to prolonged sunlight. As it is a heat sensitive stone, it will change its color or fades into lighter color. The stone can be used in any commercial jewelry and can be cleaned by plain soap and warm water with soft brush. Make sure that it is rinsed properly and dry after through cleaning. The stone can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, but steam cleaning is not recommended for it.

As citrine is replaced by topaz, there are many names given to it like gold topaz, madiera topaz, citrine topaz and Brazilian Topaz. Citrine and topaz share the role of being a birthstone for November month. Of course citrine is secondary to topaz.
Citrine is believed to be a stone for boosting self-esteem, self-confidence, treat anxiety feeling and depression. The powers are connected to the 3rd chakra. The chakra is located below the navel area and is responsible for personal well-being and personality formation.

These stones are believed to help people in handling negative attitude in a better way and also deal with pressure while dealing with finances, anxieties and fear.

The stone improves the functions of circulatory systems, digestive system, urinary problems, resulting in good health and preventing from ailments occurring due to body toxins. It also helps in improving emotional stability and body conditions etc., i.e. routine wear and tear. The stone gives people peace of mind and relaxation and helping then to cure restlessness, insomnia and emotional unrest.



Coral mined from the oceans. It grows underwater. Coral is used to create beautiful earrings, brooches, and pendants. Though coral rings are popular, be aware that coral scratches easily. Ancient coral come from parts of southeastern asia such as tibet,china,korea,veitnam,nepal which were buried on asian and indian plates.

Pearls, Corals and Jet are known as organic gems because they normally grow in the water. While they can be found in other habitats these gems are more at home in the oceans and lakes of the world. Pearl diving has been around for thousands of years with divers bringing clams and other sea mollusks up from the depths of the oceans in order to search them for pearls.

The story behind coral gems and jet is quite different. Coral is sometimes described as a sea plant with flowers but no roots. In 1723 the French biologist, G.A. Peyssonal researched and brought the mystery of corals to light. He surmised that coral colonies were made up of exoskeletal polyps. These polyps come from minute, small animals that create dendritic forms from calcite that is dissolved in sea water. It is from these forms that coral begins to grow and flourish. The habitat has to be just right. The water needs to be warm and, as a rule, about 10 to 45 feet deep. Some coral can be found at deeper levels but it is rare. It grows in branches that look like underwater trees.

The red hues of coral have always been prized gems of artisans and craftsman. Coral jewelry has a long history, and is still made and worn in many parts of the world. Ancient civilizations used coral to make an ornament and then, very often, used gold to accent the piece. Coral has a secure place among ancient gems. In fact coral jewelry has been utilized since prehistoric times. Coral jewelry has been found from the Iron Age. Coral along with other gemstones holds a significant status in religious history. Ancient Phoenicians, Egyptians, and Romans all used coral as method of currency and trade. Some societies believed that ships needed to have coral on board as a defense against lightning. The gem was also supposed to drive hatred out of a home.


Garnet is a mineral used and utilized since the early years of Bronze Age. This mineral was used as precious stone or as a tool in shaping and finishing a product or craft in this period. The word "garnet" has two possible word origins. It maybe from the word "gernet" of the Middle English which means "dark red", another possibility is from the word "granatus" from Latin which means "grain" that may refer to a plant called Punica granatum that has seeds colored red and somehow like the garnet crystals in terms of size and shape.

   Garnet is a pretty durable gem, with the hardness rate scale of 7 - 7.5. Its durability was proven when a garnet necklace was found in a grave of a man, dated 3000 BC. The name actually refers to the family of various stones with similar composition and ranges from different colors.


Jade consists of two silicate minerals which are the Nephrite jade and Jadeitite. The origin of the word Jade came from "piedra de ijada", Spanish term for loin stone and is presumed useful in curing disease from kidneys and loins. However, nephrite came from Latin word "lapis nephriticus" meaning piedra de ijada. Although nephrite is softer that jadeite which is as hard as quartz, jadeite is less tough than nephrite and both can be shaped delicately. A French mineralogist on the 19th century found out that jade was really two different materials.

    Nephrite measures between 5.5-6.0 Mohs hardness while Jadeite is in between 6.5-7.0 that's why it is possible to work with garnet sand or quartz and can also be refined with bamboo.


                                                                      Lapis Lazuli                                                                        

Lapis Lazuli is a rare, semi-precious stone, highly prized because of its bright blue color. It has been highly valued since antiquity. The finest lapis lazuli gemstones come from northern Afghanistan, in the Badakhshan province. It isn't actually a mineral, but a rock constituting of more than one mineral. The purest of lapis have that intense blue color, with light specks of golden pyrite. Stones with little or no golden pyrite specks and veins have higher value.

The stone is considered as the stone of friendship and truth. It is believed to encourage friendships and relationships, and ward off cruelty and wickedness. It is also known as the stone of truth, and is believed to develop intelligence and inner vision. It helps the wearer conquer misery, fight off nightmares and feel more calm and tranquil.

Lapis Lazuli was a favorite stone in the course of history. Ancient Egyptians used the stone for amulets, ornaments and scarabs. The Ancient Babylonians used the stone for their seals. Cleopatra used powdered lapis as her eye shadow back in the days. As inscribed in the Egyptian "Book of the Dead", the stone was considered an amulet that brings great power. In the ancient Sumerian tombs located in Ur, more than 6,000 beautiful statuettes of rodents, birds and dear were found, made of pure lapis lazuli. Many Akkadian and Sumerian poetry makes reference to the stone as a gem of royal splendor. The stone still holds importance during the Medieval and Renaissance period, as seen in the illuminated manuscripts and panels derived from the stone.

The stone is the most prized blue of all time. They were used as blue paints by painters before 19th century, despite its costly sum. They were grounded up together so that they can be used as paints. Many portraits of the Virgin Mary were created using this expensive blue paint. Unlike other blue paints that tend to pale when in light, it doesn't lose its radiance until this very day. Today, the lapis is still used, though for restoration purposes only.



Malachite is a semi-precious stone popular for its opaque property and brilliant green color. The gemstone got its name most probably after the Greek word "malache", meaning "mallow", which means green herb, or from another Greek word "malakos", which means soft. It is known for its beautiful light and dark green pattern, a unique property found in malachite only. The light and green pattern is so distinctive that it the gemstone is one among the most easily recognized minerals in general.

The gemstone was worn during the middle ages to protect the wearers from black magic and sorcery. Ancient Greeks gave their children amulets made of the stone as protection. This gorgeous stone is also worn to help detect imminent danger. Many believe it could give extra energy to its wearers. It was believed to bring about knowledge, patience and calmness in the wearers. lives. The gemstone is believed to aid wearers in the regeneration of body cells, help attain peace and tranquility, and aid sleep. Usually, the stone is attached to baby.s cradles. Today, the gemstone is the traditional gift to celebrate thirteen years of marriage.


The gemstone is very soft and painfully fragile. Always protect your stones from sharp blows and scratches. They cannot withstand from intense temperatures and sudden temperature changes. Practice carefulness even when cleaning. Do not clean your stone using a home ultrasonic cleaner, and even water---water will remove the protective polish of the stone. Keep it away from heat, for it may damage the stone.

                                                          Moonstone                      Moonstones         
Rainbow moonstones                             

The Moonstone is a semi-precious stone known for its pearly white color. There are two variety in moonstones one without glaze on and is available in many varied colors such as colorless, yellow, brown, red, grey or cream.The other variety is with a glaze of rainbow on it. It is known to be translucent to transparent.The stone is often used in rings, pendants and bead necklaces.

Moonstones strengthen its wearers. emotional and unconscious facets. It is believed that it could evoke tender feelings and protect love. It is rightfully called the "lover's stone" because of its enchanting and romantic quality.

The gemstone is believed to help both men and women alike. For men, the stone is believed to help them connect to their emotional side and creative side. The stone is believed to help enhance and improve the wearer.s vision. For women, the stone is believed to help in balancing hormones during the menstrual period. Many women of olden times place the stones inside their skirts to increase their fertility. Moonstones are also beneficial for the women going through menopause.

The Moonstone is believed to have many other metaphysical and medicinal purposes. It is believed to give the person greater flexibility. It aids in soothing stress and anxiety. It is believed to help enhance the individual.s intuitive sensitivity, help the person cope in new changes and enhance perception. The ancient people believed that the stone is a bringer or wealth and good luck. Moonstone is the birthstone of Gemini and it is considered as a holy stone in Nepal.



What does one get when quantities of silicon dioxide get dried up inside molten lava? The end result would be a black multi banded mineral called chalcedony or onyx, as it is most popularly known. It is uniquely characterized by virtue of its colour which features a wide range of hues which commonly come out in shades of brown, tan and white. Such gemstone is also known and valued highly more particularly for its red, greenish, bluish ,yellowish and blackish range.



Greek mythology has it that onyx took its name from the time when Cupid cut Venus. fingernails while she was asleep. The term specifically pertains to a finger or claw and in this case, the remains of Venus' nail clippings on the ground. During those times, it is a general thought that no godly body part would decay, so those clippings were transformed into stone.

During the earlier times, this gemstone was used by Romans as part of their engraved talismans during the time of war believing that it would bring a great sense of courage to the wearer. Later, public speakers of the Renaissance era expressed their high regard for this gemstone by donning it while they perform. It was a common thought among people in their profession that this gemstone pushes for the articulateness in speech. There are also beliefs that it helps eliminate body organ diseases and emotional negativities. Some claim it brings about intense sexual passion.



Pearl is one of June's birthstones. A classic pearl necklace and/or pearl earrings are one of the most loved gifts one can give. People seem to radiate when wearing pearl jewelry.

The pearl is produced by mollusks which have a nacreous lining. This lining is better known as "mother of pearl." Mollusks are invertebrate animals with soft, unsegmented bodies, such as clams, and snails, usually enclosed in a calcium shell. They are any of numerous chiefly marine invertebrates of the phylum Mollusca. Mollusks can occur in habitats ranging from the deep sea to high mountains. There are eight main classes of mollusks: Gastropoda (snails), Bivalvia (clams, oysters and scallops), Pelecypoda (fossilized bivalves), Cephalopoda (octopus and squid), Scaphopoda (tusk shells), Aplacophora (no shell invertebrates), Caudofoveata (scaly with calcareous spines), Polyplacophora (chitons), and Monoplacophora (ancient fossil shells). Some mollusks can also be utilized as a food source, as well a source that is used in jewelry and decorative items.

There is a wide color spectrum among pearls. The general color of a pearl is also called the body color. The color is produced by light interference known as the color "orient" and can be semitransparent to opaque. Orient refers to colors that seem to move around as the gem is turned. Pearls can be white, silver, cream-colored, gold, green, blue, or even black. The color is synonymous with the type oyster or mollusk from which it originated. Various types of oysters will sometimes produce different hues, and water and implants will also make a significant difference in the color. Some pearls have overtones and some don't. An overtone is a color that lays over the body color, and sometimes adds a depth to the piece that might not otherwise be there.


Often confused with emerald, peridot jewelry has a very beautiful greenish colour. It is originally a colourless mineral which is also known as forsterite in its initial state. However, the iron content that mixes with the mineral induces the green hue of the gemstone. It follows that the more iron content, the darker the shade of green in the gemstone. This gemstone is also regarded as the "Evening Emerald" due to its green brilliance under artificial or low light conditions and is especially beautiful at night.Peridot are usually expensive stones as big stones are very  rare to find.

When it comes to the everyday rat race of individuals all around the world what would be a good thing to consider what would be a good accessory to bring along which will help replenish one's vitality? A good item would be a gemstone like peridot which is said to contain lots of powerful medicinal powers.

One of the benefits of having this gemstone is the idea that it is able to bring lots of luck when it comes to love. It has also been said to be very beneficial in fighting off fever and anger. It is also regarded as a charm for driving away bad spirits and is worn on the left hand attached to a donkey.s hair. Due to its attractive and stylish nature, it is much more convenient to utilize the magnetic energy of this gemstone if worn. Its magnetic state reaches up to one foot and is said to be effective in revitalizing the person overall.


Quartz has been used for thousands of years. Persians called it "billor" while in Sanskrit it is called "sphatik". Due to its high potential in terms of physical application, the Chinese utilized this gem in order to complete their bottle cutting process while the Romans use it for carving purposes. On the other hand, it was the Sumerians who were able to make further developments in using this mineral as they were able to write on it as well as engrave it as stamp for the clay images they were creating.


It is not a rare sight to see the quartz as a constant part of ritualistic activities like the shamans have hundreds of years ago. Lore has it that this gem has essential qualities in order to solidify water or melt down ice which is quite practiced in distant islands of the Pacific reaching up to New Guinea and Australia.

During the times that shamans existed, quartz played a crucial role in the healing rituals performed by these individuals such that they claim that their bodies and the minerals are interchangeable. Such mineral is also placed directly above the infected organ or inflicted area for about a few moments to allow the re balancing process and removal of possible evil spirits in the body. To replenish its spiritual energy, Cherokee shamans are said to 'feed' it with blood coming from a slain deer.

When it comes to modern gem healthcare practices, the quartz comes in very handy as they are believed to produce the necessary electro chemical balance in the overall physiology of man. When worn, such gem is also said to relieve one of sleeping problems, nervousness, and helps one to focus when it comes to retaining knowledge from the past.

Finally, in practical daily activities, this gem is said to be a charm for gardeners as well as foresters in order for them to bear more abundant produce. In case of a negative event like a grievance, placing it inside the home would help alleviate the outcome.

                                              ROSE QUARTZ                                                  

Coming from the vast family of the mineral quartz is the rose quartz which is probably one of the most revered and fancied for jewelry and practical use. Often thought of as a stone of love, this rose quartz jewelry makes a wonderful gift.


The beautiful shade of pink attested from this gemstone is due to the combination of impurities that is present in the rock from which is termed as Sio2. When proportions of manganese, dumortierite and titanium blends, the warm pinkish hue of the gem stone emerges. There are some variations of this gem stone showing asterism or "star effect" which is seen if one would look at the light through the gemstone.


This semi precious gem stone is also a very useful tool when it comes to maintaining the serenity in the home and also in some cases, easing the discomfort of babies. In instances wherein the baby becomes restless placing a rose quartz underneath their cradle mattress. This will help ease their internal tension making way to a more comfortable sleep.

The rose quartz is also a great stimulant when it comes to renewing the flame of love between couples. It is said to be open the hearts of individuals to accept their partner's differences and helps teach the value of forgiveness. For single persons, owning this gem stone assures a degree of luck when it comes to finding that compatible partner.

In order to bring more in more balanced spiritual feeling, cleaning of this gemstone is highly recommended. This could be done by dipping it in salted water over night and have it thoroughly washed with clean water the day after. In every three months, placing it in direct sunlight for about three hours will help intensify its whitish pink glow.


                                                  TIGER EYE                                                         

  The Tiger Eye is a semi precious gemstone, usually a metamorphic rock with a yellow, honey, red and brown color, with a silky luster. The gemstone is well known for its 'Chatoyancy effect', where a thin band of light is displayed on the gemstone and changes position as the gemstone is positioned back and forth.

Friendship Stone

The Tiger Eye gemstone is popularly called the 'gemstone of friends' or the 'friendship stone'. If you have been given this special Friendship Stone, you should always treasure the gemstone like the friendship itself. The gemstone is a perfect symbol that your friend is out to overlook your protection at all times, and will be there for you even during the hardest of circumstances. The gemstone will provide you positive energy even on the most gloomy of days. It helps you find your way and attain your dreams. Regardless of age, sex, or beliefs, many people will benefit from the gemstone.


Historically, the gemstone has been worn for protection. It was said that the gemstone kept a constant 'eye' on the wearer. For thousands of years, the gemstone has been used for many uses, for it is believed to have many mystical and medicinal properties within it. Oftentimes, the gemstone was given to children to wear as a protectorate.

Fast tract to the 1880s, large quantities of the gemstone have been founding South African soil during the 1880s. Metaphysically, it is believed that the gemstone allows its wearer to think clearly and transform negative energy to positive energy. The gemstone is believed to attain dreams and help the wearer judge and determine the best decision and course of action. It is often cleansed before sending it to someone else, to get rid of all the negative energies.



December's birthstone, Turquoise, is one of the most beautiful gemstones ever known to man. As the name suggests, the color is "turquoise", though the color of the gemstone varies from blue green to sky blue. The gemstone is a traditional present to commemorate 5 to 11 years of marriage.



For centuries, the gemstone has been esteemed as a holy stone, a good luck charm, and a talisman. Turquoise has been popular since its discovery, as proven by the excavation of Ancient Egyptian tombs around 3,000 B.C. Discovered grave furnishings, artifacts and jewelry were furnished with the gemstone. The Ancient Persians, on the other hand, believed that the gemstone should be worn around the neck or at the wrist at all times, to protect them against an unnatural death. They believed that if the gemstone changes color, looming danger is near and about to happen. The gemstone is usually worn on the turban, enclosed by pearls. They are encrusted in daggers, sabers and bridles as a talisman, to defend the wearer against the "evil eye".

The gemstone also had a special place among American Indians. The Aztecs of Mexico adorned their ceremonial masks with the stone. The Apache Indians believed that the gemstone gives warriors the ability to aim their targets better, while the Zuni tribes believed that the gemstone serves as a shield against demons.

Since time immemorial, the gemstone was the traveler's aid. It was believed that the stone guard the riders and their horses from falls. Today, the gemstone is still considered as a good luck charm for travelers, aviators and flight professionals to help ward off accidents.


Zircon's brilliance, beauty and luminescence can not be rivaled by most gems. It was once considered as the diamond's alternative. The mineral actually belongs to the group nesosilicates. Zircon probably got its name from the Arabic word "zarqun", which means "vermilion"; or from the Persian word "zargun", which means "golden colored".


The mineral is available in a wide range of colors. Zircon is colorless when it is pure, but it can also be blue, green, brown, yellow, orange, red, and all other colors in between. The most popular of zircons is that of the color yellow, also called hyacinth after the flower hyacinthus. Zircons are in general transparent to translucent in appearance. Some zircons are known to have that .cat.s eye effect., although quite rare.

Zircon is brittle and sensitive to pressure; therefore it has the tendency to fray along its edges. On the other hand, the gemstone is incredibly durable. The mineral remains intact even under immense temperatures while other minerals begin to melt and reform during continental shifts and fierce asteroid impacts. Zircons should thus be stored and kept carefully because even though zircons are hard, their facets tend to graze and chip. Take care of your zircons carefully, clean them with mild soap, and use a toothbrush to brush on areas where dust is prone to collect.

Zircon is December's gemstone and the representation of the planet Pluto. During ancient times, zircons are believe to aid sleep, bring good fortune and promote honor to its wearers. A lose of color and luster of the gemstone warns the wearer that danger is near. It was used by shamans and healers for it was believed to have medicinal properties. Zircon is worn on the problem area of the body to aid in healing.